ANZAC Great War

ANZAC Centenary Lectures

This series brings together some of Melbourne’s most iconic cultural institutions to consider how, after one hundred years, the changes ushered in during the First World War still resonate today.

It follows in the footsteps of past Australian academics, who presented public lectures in 1915 to help make sense of the conflict.

The centenary lectures are held in partnership with the Shrine of Remembrance, National Gallery of Victoria and Museum Victoria.

The University of Melbourne is uncovering its ANZAC heritage read more on the dedicated Forgotten Voices, Hidden Histories website.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Battlefield Archaeology: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

A major archaeological survey of the Gallipoli battlefields, now on display at the Shrine, reveals the brutal realities of daily life in the trenches for both the allied and Turkish sides. This discussion explores what the survey reveals about the nature of World War One, the way in which different combatants understood their role and the meaning of the Dardanelles Campaign. Join host Maxine McKew with guests Dr Andrew Jamieson, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (Melbourne Uni...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Medical War: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The First World War involved the mass enlistment of doctors, dentists and health professionals, supported by new networks of medical researchers at universities. The war introduced extraordinary medical conditions — such as disfiguring wounds, trench foot and trench mouth, venereal disease, and the viral epidemic of Spanish influenza — which prompted scientific innovations that had lasting affects on the practice of medicine. This event examines the medical response to World War I, and the ch...

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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Indigenous ANZACs: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The commemoration of war expresses a celebration of service and a remembrance of the fallen. Yet it can also privilege certain forms of service over others. This forum will discuss the silences and absences in the commemoration of War, drawing on a major new exhibition by artist Brook Andrew at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. Professor Marcia Langton, Dr Vincent Alessi and Brook Andrew will join Maxine McKew to examine the omission of Indigenous service from official forms of commemoration, a...

Thursday, 11 Jun 2015

The Technical Advance: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

World War I made extraordinary demands on the scientific community. Its requirements for manufactured munitions and equipment, as well as the advent of new chemical weapons, made science essential to national security. The war would produce government laboratories, increases in research funding, as well as great boosts in the amount of scientific research — changes with lasting consequences for the pursuit of science. Dr Charlie Day Carlton Connect Initiative, Professor Iven Mareels, Dean o...

Wednesday, 17 Jun 2015

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War Trauma & Psychology: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The horrific nature of conflict on the battlefields of World War I had profound affects on those who served. The debilitating condition of shell shock changed those returning from war and had mental and physical manifestations that had not been seen before. Our panel trace the development of psychology in Australia, and the emergence of new psychological techniques. History experts Laureate Professor Joy Damousi and Professor Bruce Scates, together with Dr Andrea Phelps, a specialist in pos...

Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015

The Enemy Within: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The First World War was conducted in political climate of patriotic fervour and rigorous policing of opposition. Debates over conscription divided the community. The War Precautions Act created arbitrary powers that threatened the civil liberties of minority and opposition groups. History specialist Professor Emeritus Stuart Macintyre, together with Legal experts Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders and Professor Gerry Simpson will join Maxine McKew to reflect on the powers enacted during war...

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015

Culture & War: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The First World War brought great social and cultural changes to Australia. The experience of soldiers travelling internationally, the national mobilisation, the grief and loss. This forum will discuss the way in which these changes are revealed in the artwork of the period, and how art informs our understanding of the emerging Australian culture. This discussion will draw on the exhibition Follow the Flag: Australian Artists at War showing at NGV Australia from 24 Apr 2015 – 16 Aug 2015 ...

Thursday, 27 Aug 2015

The Performing Arts & War: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The representation of war in music and theatre has had enduring resonance. Music has been used to stir the blood of combatants and inspire great courage, and also to offer consolation to the bereaved. Theatrical representations of war give meaning to the conflict and recreate the intensity of conflict. Our expert Professors Barry Conyngham, Mary Luckhurst and Jane Davidson will join ABC Radio National's Dr Michael Cathcart to discuss the affecting qualities of the performing arts and the way...