Monday, 27 Oct 2014

Critical Mass: Discover the Parkville Biomedical Precinct

A 'discovery' talk and tours program held during Melbourne Knowledge Week, exploring the sheer quantity of life sciences research facilities, institutes, researchers, fellows and postgraduate students in the Parkville precinct and surrounds, and t...

Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014

Human Rights Lecture: Language rights, education and identity in Timor-Leste

As the Southeast Asia region’s newest nation emerging from centuries of colonial rule and a brutal 24year occupation, TimorLeste faces immense challenges in establishing a quality education system and national curriculum which reflect and uphold t...


Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014

Resilience and Fragility in the Asian Century

Resilience and Fragility in the Asian Century: Refocussing Australia's Economic Narratives Through the Lens of Economic History Behind every policy strategy, of government or business, lies a narrative that contextualises and justifies a course o...


Thursday, 27 Nov 2014

The Net Effect: An Optimist in the News Business

The disruption of ‘legacy’ newspapers by the Internet should be welcomed and celebrated. The new technology arrived just in time. Over the next few years it will replace the paperbased process that was both hugely expensive, and that, by its natu...