Wednesday, 8 Jul 2015

Dungala Kaiela Oration

The Kaiela Institute and the University of Melbourne are proud to host the Dungala Kaiela Oration. This year, University of Melbourne ViceChancellor, Professor Glyn Davis AC, will deliver the 7th Annual Oration as he discusses “From the 1930s to ...


Friday, 10 Jul 2015

Nano-Scale Light: The Surprising World of Optical Nano-Structures

The July Lectures in Physics “International Year of Light 2015” Advances in nanotechnology allow us to make optical nanostructures with surprising and technologicallyuseful properties. Optical nanostructures can focus light so tightly that a sing...


Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015

Culture & War: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The First World War brought great social and cultural changes to Australia. The experience of soldiers travelling internationally, the national mobilisation, the grief and loss. This forum will discuss the way in which these changes are revealed i...

Friday, 24 Jul 2015

Distant Light: Reading the Signals from the Oldest Light in the Universe

The July Lectures in Physics “International Year of Light 2015” Our understanding of the origin and evolution of galaxies depends on our ability to see the most ancient light in the Universe. This ancient light comes from first galaxies that form...

Friday, 31 Jul 2015

Light and Matter: Bending Light Waves for New Technology

The July Lectures in Physics “International Year of Light 2015” Strange things happen when light interacts with nanoscale metallic objects. The wavelike nature of light can be manipulated to make objects invisible or to permit imaging with unprec...


Thursday, 27 Aug 2015

The Performing Arts & War: The ANZAC Centenary Lectures

The representation of war in music and theatre has had enduring resonance. Music has been used to stir the blood of combatants and inspire great courage, and also to offer consolation to the bereaved. Theatrical representations of war give meaning...

Sunday, 25 Oct 2015

Australian Boat Race

The Australian Boat Race is the annual rowing match race between the Sydney and Melbourne University Boat Clubs. The event encapsulates the longstanding rivalry between two great cities and two great universities. The venue alternates between th...