Vernacular Translators in Quattrocento Italy


Vernacular Translators in Quattrocento Italy

Emeritus Professor Brian Richardson, Leeds University, will launch Dr Andrea Rizzi's book, Vernacular Translators in Quattrocento Italy. They will discuss the role of the early modern translator within literary culture in Italy during the 15th century, and how humanist translators went about convincing readers of the value of their work in disseminating knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible to many.

The translators studied in this book include not only the well-known 'superstars' such as Leonardo Bruni, but also little-known and indeed obscure writers from throughout the Italian peninsula. The book has wide implications: it traces a novel history of the use of the Italian language alongside Latin in a period when high culture was bilingual. It also sheds further light on the topic of Renaissance self-fashioning, and on the workings of the patronage system, which has been studied far less in literary history than in art history. The book gives emphasis to the concept that the creation and the circulation of translations (along with other literary activities) were collaborative activities, involving dedicatees, friends and scribes, among others.

The book will be available to order or purchase on the night.

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