Native Australian Animal Trust Seminar – Next Generation


Native Australian Animal Trust Seminar – Next Generation

Theatre A
Elisabeth Murdoch

Parkville campus

Spencer Road

Booking not required

Come along and hear PhD candidates and early career researchers from the School of BioSciences talk about their research in:

  • Toad-smart quolls
  • Disappearing insects
  • The behaviour of black swans
  • The secrets of the Tasmania Tiger.

When you meet our future research leaders at this event, you’ll be meeting young people who are already transforming the world through their research, and pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

This seminar is an initiative of the University of Melbourne Native Australian Animals Trust. The Trust provides a way for people who are passionate about Australia’s wildlife and their environments to connect with and support the University’s research, teaching and engagement activities. The Trust will support students, research fellowships and endowed professorial chairs to continue our leading work in taxonomy, conservation biology and ecology research.

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