India after Four Years of Modi: What Next?

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India after Four Years of Modi: What Next?

Singapore Theatre
Melbourne School of Design

Parkville campus

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Since winning a stunning majority in the Lok Sabha in 2014, the National Democratic Alliance government led by PM Narendra Modi President Amit Shah has expanded its political footprint dramatically. In 2014 the Bharatiya Janata Party governed in just seven states; by 2018 it governed, alone or in partnership, in 21.

As it approaches the next Union election, due no later than early 2019, and with Prime Minister Modi's popularity maintained, it has established itself as India’s dominant political force.

However, while continuous campaigning has brought big political rewards, the tasks of making and implementing policy remain formidable. While the prime minister’s personal diplomacy has lifted India’s profile internationally, foreign policy and security challenges in its immediate region are intensifying.

At home economic and other policy fields, especially measures to support growth and create employment opportunities, remain sensitive. Questions arise about whether political strategies are overshadowing strategies for governing.

To open discussion the panel will consider briefly: current challenges in foreign policy; how the Prime Minister has used foreign policy in domestic identity building; possibilities for India in the knowledge economy; and how suited are public institutions to help deliver the Prime Minister’s promise of Acche Din.

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