Tiny Leaps Over Deep Chasms

Tiny Leaps Over Deep Chasms

How to be a sustainability leader by being a tiny bit brave, but mostly just a little bit above average

We are at an unprecedented time in the history of humankind. We know that disruption is all around us and challenging the way that we live, the economies that we work in and the environment that supports us.

There is a confluence of disruption – a meta-disruption event. Digital disruption with AI/ML, cybersecurity, blockchain, the Internet of Things and VR/AR; social and economic disruption with financial crises, disaffection with the current system and falling real value of wages vs living costs; and environmental disruption with climate change, ‘day zero’ water crises and the energy-water-food nexus. There are also more mental health problems than ever before.

We need to innovate and connect or die. But we don't know how to do this within the timeframes needed and within the paradigms we have currently.

It’s clear that we need a new sustainable business way of doing, but despite the rhetoric largely this still is not happening. This is why we need to start taking some tiny leaps – for our own paths and own happiness. This talk is part of a series of talks on how we as people and businesses will thrive in the new economy. It places you as the CEO to create change around, and within, you.

This talk is for anyone who wants to understand how we can make our world more sustainable (even if you’re not in sustainability, you are part of sustainability), and the need to take tiny leaps many times a day. It gives the context of how to become this person, the tools and thinking you can use, and some examples of how the presenter did this in different contexts.

This lecture is part of the Science Festival 2018.

PresentersDr Adam Bumpus

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