El Benny (Benny)

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El Benny (Benny)

Interactive Cinema Space
Arts West

Parkville campus

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14th Latin American Film Festival in Australia

El Benny (Benny) is a film from Cuba, directed by Jorge Luis Sánchez.

Based on the life of Benny Moré, the film concentrates on a period in the early 1950s when Moré leaves the orchestra of Duany and starts his own 'Banda Gigante'. In a flashback we learn of his success in Mexico. Moré is caught in the events connected to Batista's coup in Cuba. Also, he tours Venezuela, where he suffers the machinations of a vengeful businessman. After collapsing and being hospitalised, Moré swears off alcohol. Some years later, he encounters his old band-mate Monchy, fallen on hard times.

The 14th Latin American Film Festival in Australia is a non-profit collaboration between the Latin American embassies in Australia and the University of Melbourne. For two weeks we will present a showcase of cinema from across the whole region.

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