Masters and PhD Recital Series: Week One


Masters and PhD Recital Series: Week One

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

A series of recitals from our masters and PhD students.

Monday 19 November, 11am — Cecilia Dowling, Viola
Monday 19 November, 2pm — Louise May, Violin
Tuesday 20 November, 11am — Oscar Woinarski, Cello
Tuesday 20 November, 2pm — Josephine Vains, Cello
Wednesday 21 November, 11am — Joel Walmsley, Trumpet [Alternate venue: Trinity Chapel]
Wednesday 21 November, 2pm — Connor Jenkinson, Trumpet [Alternate venue: Trinity Chapel]
Thursday 22 November, 2pm — Stuart Brennan, Trombone
Friday 23 November, 11am — Kit Millais, Trombone
Friday 23 November, 2pm — Ben Lovell Greene, Trombone

Image: Josephine Vains

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