'Forced' Technology Transfer? Investing in China's Large-Scale Projects


'Forced' Technology Transfer? Investing in China's Large-Scale Projects

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Since 2006, when the State Council in China adopted the medium- to long-term plan for science and technology development, China’s innovation ambition has inspired many in China and triggered jumbles of concerns and fears elsewhere. Some question whether China will ever be able to innovate; others worry that the Chinese way of innovation will destroy the entire business model in the West.

What has driven the massive application of human, policy and financial resources to promote innovation in China? What is the role of the alleged ‘forced technology transfer’ in the process? More importantly, why are there successes and failures in innovation? There is no single answer to any of these questions. Asking the questions and trying to answer them nonetheless can reveal a lot about politics involved in technology innovation in China.

This presentation will use two examples: nuclear energy and high-voltage transmission systems, to identify the key factors that shape the way innovation takes place in China and to assess the argument about ‘forced’ technology transferred.

Presenters Xu Yi-Chong

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