Wilin Jams


Wilin Jams

WILIN Jams is an open invitation for everyone to come together, jam and celebrate the pivotal contribution of Indigenous artists and community members. Featuring guest musicians and performers, jammers are invited to collaborate and perform whatever they wish. With mics, PA with aux-input, keyboard, amps and drum kit provided, you just need to bring your talents and sign up your act on the night.

The next Wilin Jam session features a guest performance by Monica Weightman. Weightman grew up in Townsville, influenced by her Islander father Ray but with the musical genes of her Scottish-English-Italian mother. Although she never really associated with the large Torres Strait Islander community in Townsville, she said she had more recently been seeking out more of the heritage that so clearly shaped her songs.

When Weightman released her second CD, Lost Generation, she said it was equally important to give back to and learn from younger musicians and the disadvantaged members of the community. Nicknamed Monstar by her fans, Weightman will capture you with her strong lyrics, groove you with her catchy melodies and inspire and impress you with her guitar licks.

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