Maniac Me


Maniac Me

Union Theatre, ground level
Union House

Parkville Campus

Booking not required

An abandoned basement in the middle of nowhere, a ward in a mental hospital, forever in the shadows, where all fronts are besieged.

Seven ward-mates, strangers to one another, lose consciousness through an unexpected accident and wake up to find themselves trapped in a sinister place. The only thing which reminds them of the outside world is a small surveillance camera watching them and inside this ward is a world which resembles the Truman Show. Each patient is forced to confront their inner doubts, confusion, mania, anxiety, shock, depression in this small ward, until they reach break down.

Seven men, one God, a ridiculous tale of absurdity. Is the truth just a joke gone too far? or is this cage really filled with a group of maniacs? Through debate, evidence, argument and refutation they attempt to prove their sanity. They think the path to freedom is close at hand; however, they do not know that their attempt to rebel may result in greater violence and suppression.

Medication or electrocution, violence or suffering, an eternal Mobius strip, an endless cycle.

Death or living hell?

Presented by Melbourne University Chinese Theatre Group.

Tickets: $22

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