Are You Taking the Piss?

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Are You Taking the Piss?

Would you break the law to save the world? We're living in a world of finite resources, yet there are laws in place preventing us from using these resources wisely. Join us as we lift the lid on barriers preventing our transformation towards real sustainability. Innovation moves so fast that rules and regulations can't possibly keep up, often leaving scientists/engineers/businesses on the wrong side of the law.

In Australia, we throw away over one million tonnes of water per day. And don't even get us started on the other things we flush down the drain that could be used for the power of good. Hint: we are literally flushing a powerful wee-source! We need to be inventive, creative and brave with what we have and how we use it.

Who has a say in shaping our streets and cities? When is waste valuable again? Is a sharing economy the answer to all our problems?

Join a brilliant panel who won't shy away from the yuck-factor to find innovative solutions to our over consumption of ... everything.

Photo credit: Urinotron – the first inspiration for this discussion, when Science Gallery Melbourne skated close to breaking the law (we didn't though, promise).

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