The Murchison Meteorite – A Scientific Treasure Trove

Free Public Lecture

The Murchison Meteorite – A Scientific Treasure Trove

Fritz Loewe Theatre
McCoy Building (School of Earth Sciences)

Parkville campus

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This September, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fall of the Murchison meteorite, one of the most important meteorites to science. Since its fall near Murchison, Victoria in 1969, the Murchison meteorite has been the source of numerous spectacular discoveries. Thanks to the large amount recovered and its availability to the scientific community, the Murchison meteorite is one of the most studied carbonaceous chondrites.

The main fraction of Murchison was acquired by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and since has been curated there. Philipp will give an overview of Murchison curation and highlight some of the most important discoveries made by studying Murchison in the last 50 years.

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