Arresting Legacies of the Berlin Wall

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Arresting Legacies of the Berlin Wall

Forum Theatre, Level 1, Room 153
Arts West

Parkville campus

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T: 0490 104 905

Thirty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall, many questions remain unanswered and many scars are yet to heal. Especially for those families whose loved ones died escaping across the inner-German border or were shot at the Berlin Wall, justice has been elusive and the past remains unsettled. Unable to find answers as to what really happened, not even in the clinical Stasi records of their relatives’ deaths, the bereaved have become victims themselves. Filmmaker Stefan Weinert, an internationally active German actor, director and author will introduce his harrowing documentary film The Family, which is a painful and important documentation of recent German history, and speak to its arresting legacies.

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