Documentary Screening: "A Tale of Two Rebels" (2019)

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Documentary Screening: "A Tale of Two Rebels" (2019)

Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre

Parkville campus

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Dwandha (Duel) is about two prominent and influential leaders of two rebel movements and insurrections in Sri Lanka from the South and North. The film unfolds a period of six decades of their life trajectories, particularly the childhood experiences that defined their destinies and their subsequent political choices which eventually influenced many young followers. Now in their late seventies, having survived to tell the tale, they reminisce the history they created and failed to create.

This film is based on research carried out by the director for nearly three years, following the two protagonists in the film, domiciled in the United Kingdom and Australia. Originally, the research was meant to lead towards an academic publication. However, the vagaries and vicissitudes of their lives proved to be better portrayed in cinematic form than academic.

Director: Udan Fernando | Running time: 50 minutes | Language: English

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