Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Disability and Global Development


Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Disability and Global Development

Disability inclusion has recently emerged as a priority in global development. This reflects growing global concern over extreme poverty, poor health outcomes and inequity, alongside the understanding that many health and development interventions are not reaching those most excluded or most at-risk. This course equips participants to critically analyse barriers to participation in contemporary health and development practice, so that they will better understand the imperative and complexity of inclusion. Drawing on real-world case studies and practitioner experience, which includes both people with and without disabilities, this course explores key issues concerning disability measurement and investigates the correlates of disability, rights, health and well-being.

Experts in the field of disability inclusion present contemporary examples of development practice to demonstrate the challenges of, and opportunities for, ensuring inclusion across multiple sectors, including: health; employment; education; and disaster risk reduction. Participants who undertake this course will develop skills and strategies to advance solutions relating to poverty elimination, empowerment and participation in their current and/or future work.

No prior knowledge required.

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