AsiaTOPA 2020: New Technologies and Creative Responsibilities

AsiaTOPA 2020: New Technologies and Creative Responsibilities

Join us for a lively discussion about the increasing adoption of technology in global societies and their opportunities for creative expression.

With ever-increasing complexity, creative practice is instrumental in highlighting the tremendous opportunity that new technologies introduce, as well as their ethical and societal challenges. This panel will explore how cultural customs and ideals influence our attitudes towards new technologies, and how they enable exciting, new avenues for creative practitioners to innovate and influence the societal debate.

Discussing the latest and upcoming developments in the realm of artificial intelligence, surveillance, bias, ethics and more, the panel will feature cyberpunk aficionado and music producer Howie Lee, whose new show will premiere at AsiaTOPA 2020. Joel Stern will reflect on the politics of listening through creative and academic practice – an area that is explored in hands-on ways by Tim Devine, as he explores the role of technology in enabling fantasies. Technology researcher Dr Suelette Dreyfus will discuss implications of today’s technology for cybersecurity and hacking. The panel will be moderated by Louisa Lim, author and award-winning journalist who has reported from China for a decade, most recently for National Public Radio. Previously, Louisa was the BBC’s Beijing correspondent.

This forum is co-presented with The University of Melbourne and Asia TOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts 2020’s Sinofuturist program curated by Mat Spisbah, with support of the School of Computing and Information Systems.

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