Professor Martin Seligman, founder of the discipline of positive psychology, world-leading psychologist and expert adviser on well-being will give a public lecture on how the principles of positive psychology can be learned and applied in any field of human endeavour.

Martin Seligman is a leading authority on the topics of resilience, learned helplessness, optimism and pessimism, and a recognised authority on interventions that prevent depression and build strengths and well-being. He will discuss the critical factors that contribute to our well-being: positive emotions, engagement, family and social relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

He will review the latest developments in building and measuring these factors in relation to education, neuroscience, health, big data and the psychological health and resilience of young army soldiers. Martin Seligman will provide an entertaining and thought-provoking introduction to the discipline for non-specialists.

Professor Martin Seligman - Positive Psychology: The Cutting Edge - Public Lecture $65.00



Room/theatre: Melbourne Town Hall
Building: Swanston Street

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Phone: (03) 9645 9858