Lunch Hour Concert: Music for a Prussian King


Lunch Hour Concert: Music for a Prussian King

Melba Hall

Royal Parade

Booking not required

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T: (03) 9035 9309

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Accademia Arcadia present "Music for a Prussian King"

Lucinda Moon, violin, Greg Dikmans, baroque flute, Josephine Vains, cello, Jacqueline Ogeil, Cristofori piano

Featuring trio sonatas of CPE Bach, Quantz, and Benda, Accademia Arcadia presents music written for the music-loving flute-playing Frederick the Great. Frederick’s court boasted numerous pianos, all designed after the Cristofori model, and his court paused for an hour daily to listen to the monarch perform on the flute with the accompaniment of piano and/or other instruments. Hear Australia’s only copy of the original Cristofori piano c1730 used as a continuo instrument, and a composition by the King himself.

Admission - Free, bookings essential to guarantee a seat

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