Composer Portrait Series: Chris Dench


Composer Portrait Series: Chris Dench

Melba Hall

Royal Parade

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T: (03) 9035 9309

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music


Shards: recorder solo Fundamental Processes: 10 string guitar solo From N(ict)t: Voice, guitar, recorder Blood Music: 7 string electric guitar, Bass Clarinet, Quarter tone Vibraphone

Ryan Williams - recorder
Stuart Fisher - guitar
Justine Anderson - voice
Aviva Endean - clarinet
Peter Neville - vibraphone

British-born but an Australian resident since the 1980’s, Chris Dench is one of Australia’s most important and influential composers. Within Australia he has been championed by groups including Elision, Libra and Speak Percussion. He has also influenced subsequent generations through his teaching. The ensemble is made up of new music specialists, each of whom has had a relationship with Chris and his music and all of whom are are M.C.M. staff, students or alumni .

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