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Picnic amongst the birds in a sculptural forest steeped in natural forms at the opening of Naturophilia by Martin King and Peter Sharp. Contribute your ideas to a nature focused urban future through a virtual reality experience, and be treated to the premiere performance of A Wayward Zephyr on piano by composer and pianist Sam Colcheedas.

The Naturophilia exhibition by Martin King and Peter Sharp runs from 23 March to 12 April at the LAB-14 Gallery.

With increasing urbanisation and technological advancement humanity’s connection to and place within the natural world is evolving. Naturophilia imagines possible urban futures immersed in natural forms, and explores how we can synergistically engage with nature.

Curator Dr Renee Beale presents Naturophilia as a provocation to consider how our relationship to nature could shift, in a time where human-made realities and the natural world have dissolved into one another, and the age of the Anthropocene has ended.

Through sculpture, painting, drawing and animation, artists Martin King and Peter Sharp reveal a new way of interpreting nature and comprehending our interventions within it. With sensitivities to both the urban and natural environments, King and Sharp provide us with unique connections to ponder, and further, new realities to glimpse.

In a collaboration between King, Sharp and Phoria (an immersive media startup) a virtual reality experience has been created inviting visitor contributions and will be offered to guests exclusively at the opening event.

Live on opening night, the emerging composer and pianist Sam Colcheedas will perform a specially commissioned piece entitled A Wayward Zephyr, contemplating gathering wind energy symbiotically with nature. This performance is in collaboration with IgniteLab, the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Terindah Estate Pinot Noir, available for tasting on the evening, will explore and demonstrate the concept of terroir; a sense of place within the wine’s flavour that is characteristic of the environment in which the grapes are grown.

Image: Martin King, Silent Witness, 2016, graphite on drafting film, pigment on paper, 122cm x 132 cm.

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