War Heritage Roadshow


War Heritage Roadshow

Victorian Archives Centre
99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne

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T: (03) 9348 5700


Australia's experience of war, especially in the First and Second World Wars, helped shape our sense of ourselves as a nation and as a community with a distinctive ethos and way of life. To provide opportunities for future generations to understand, investigate and value these experiences, we must ensure that significant material relating to Australia's war heritage is preserved, not just in official national and state institutions, but also in personal, family and community collections.

Department of Premier and Cabinet - Veterans Branch and the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation will deliver a series of free workshops for the public across Victoria. The workshops will bring Australia's leading experts in preservation to you for a two-day line-up of free workshops and information sessions.

The launch event will be held at the Victorian Archives Centre, North Melbourne.

Consultation Day: Friday 31st March 10am-4pm
Book a free 20-minute session with one of our conservation and war heritage experts or participant in caring for war heritage information sessions.

Activity Day: Saturday 1st April 10am-4pm
Attend a talk by Jude Fraser, Manager, Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation on how to care for wartime heritage, and watch and participate in demonstrations of medal cleaning; storing paper objects; brush vacuuming techniques and researching family histories.

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