Architecture, Relationality and Autonomy

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Architecture, Relationality and Autonomy

B117 Theatre, Basement level
Melbourne School of Design, Masson Road, University of Melbourne

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Each of these terms and their connections begins to define the locus for another configuration of the architectural. Rather than begin with the object the object emerges as an after effect of a network of relations within which it is itself to be understood relationality. Shifting focus to the relation allows for an identification of the architectural with the urban. Moreover, by holding to the relational, as opposed to the object, as a starting point, the potential for a repositioning of the discipline within the making of the city starts to emerge. Integral to the development of relationality is a repositioning of autonomy. A fundamental part of the lecture will involve the presentation of a conception of autonomy that emerges from the displacement both of the primacy of the object and the naturalization of connectivity.

Andrew Benjamin is a Professor of Philosophy at Monash University in Melbourne and has taught for the last 13 years at the University of Technology in Sydney where he currently holds the position of Professor of Architecture.

Gerard Reinmuth is a Founding Director of TERROIR, an architectural practice that emerged from conversations around the potential for architecture to open up questions of cultural consequence.

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