Our New Renaissance: Navigating Technological, Economic and Social Change

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Our New Renaissance: Navigating Technological, Economic and Social Change

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The extraordinary growth of the past thirty years is due to unprecedented globalization and accelerating technological change. Connectivity has been associated with rising creativity and accelerating change. The speed, scale and complexity of this integration has far-reaching implications for business and for individuals and societies.

Professor Ian Goldin identifies the drivers of global growth, showing why emerging markets are likely to continue to grow at high levels for the coming decades. Rising life expectancy and collapsing fertility around the world has dramatic consequences for pensions, retirement, dependency and employment patterns. Meanwhile, advances in artificial intelligence and robotics is transforming the nature of work and has the potential to replace significant numbers of jobs and widen inequality.

Globalization spreads not only opportunities but also creates a new form of emergent systemic risks. Pandemics, cyberattacks, climate change and financial contagion are among the systemic risks increasing uncertainty. This is associated with growing extremism and threatens to reverse integration and globalisation. Ian Goldin identifies future trends, identifying opportunities and strategies for seizing the opportunities and mitigating the risks.

Professor Goldin’s talk will draw on his latest book, Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of our New Renaissance published by Bloomsbury.

Professor Goldin is visiting Australia as a guest of ADC Forum.

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