Morphology and color of EAGLE galaxy population


Morphology and color of EAGLE galaxy population

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David Caro

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Dr. Camila Correa investigates the dependence of kinematic-based galaxy morphology on intrinsic u-r colours and stellar mass in the EAGLE cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. Dr. Correa uses the intrinsic colours and measured the fraction of kinetic energy invested in ordered rotation of 3562 galaxies at z=0 with stellar masses larger than 10^10 solar masses. She finds that EAGLE produces a galaxy population whose morphology correlates with the colour bimodality for central and satellite galaxies alike. The red-sequence is mostly populated elliptical-type galaxies and most of blue-cloud galaxies are disc-type. Dr. Correa analyses gri-composite images of orderly rotating galaxies and show that many resolve a disc structure and spiral arms. These results show that the connection between mass, intrinsic colour and morphology arise naturally from galaxy formation models able to reproduce observed star formation relations and galaxy abundance distributions. In this talk Dr. Correa will discuss these findings, and use galaxy morphology (that holds clue to past merger history) and the galaxy distribution on the color-mass diagram to disentangle different evolutionary paths. In particular the talk will focus on the origin of red-sequence galaxies.

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