Emerging Technologies in Reading and Writing the Epigenome


Emerging Technologies in Reading and Writing the Epigenome

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Walter and Eliza Hall Institute


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Covalent modifications of DNA and histones play critical roles in genome regulation, cell activity, development, and disease. In recent years, rapid advances in genomics technologies have enabled unprecedented mapping of the epigenome in a wide range of systems, providing new insights into the roles and dynamics of these modifications. Given the essential role that the epigenome plays in defining cell identity, major efforts are now focussed upon profiling the epigenome at single cell resolution, and monitoring the patterns and dynamics of these modifications in vivo. Simultaneously, genome editing technologies are rapidly being repurposed to achieve precise editing of epigenomic modifications where desired in the genome, in order to elucidate the causal relationships between these modifications and genome regulation, as artificial regulatory tools, and potentially in the future to remedy aberrant epigenome patterns in disease states.

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