New treatment to ‘starve’ tumour cells

Free Public Lecture

New treatment to ‘starve’ tumour cells

Lecture Theatre B, Level 7
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

305 Grattan Street

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In order to grow, cancer cells become dependent on an increased uptake of nutrients - metabolising them to provide the necessary building blocks for new cells. Cutting off their nutrient supply then, offers us the potential to starve tumours to death. Over the past decade, Associate Professor Holst and his team, have shown how some cancer cells are upping their amino acid intake by increasing the expression of three distinct amino acid transporters – transporters that could be targeted to trigger tumour death.

Associate Professor Jeff Holst, Head of Origins of Cancer Program, (Centenary Institute), Conjoint Associate Professor (University of Sydney) and Chief Scientific Officer (Metabloq Pharmaceuticals) will present on the current mechanistic studies of these transporters, as well as the development of novel inhibitors and the opportunity cancer metabolism offers as a therapeutic target.

Light lunch - 12:30pm, presentation from 1:00pm

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