Networked Society Symposium 2017


Networked Society Symposium 2017

The Networked Society Symposium (NSS17) showcases the breadth of interdisciplinary research occurring at University of Melbourne's Networked Society Institute. It provides an opportunity to connect, engage and debate the matters essential to the networked society.

The symposium also provides networking opportunities with researchers, industry, policy makers and the community. The day includes research presentations, keynote speakers, interactive demonstrations, panel discussions, and plenty of catered breaks in between.

The theme for NSS17 is ‘The Philosophy of Technology’ and keynote speaker is Professor Luciano Floridi of the Oxford Internet Institute. His talk is titled 'The Green and the Blue: The smart deal for a sustainable and preferable future'.

Other topics for NSS17 include:

Urban Green Spaces - learn how we have turned University Square into a living lab that is showing us how to design smarter cities that will create healthier and happier citizens

Medicine ex Machina - how popular new technology is being used to transform healthcare in surprising ways

Digital Transformation of Society - how fundamental industries such as law, agriculture and architecture are changing in the digital age

NSS17 concludes with a panel of thought leaders discussing the philosophy of technology: how increasing connectivity has changed us as people and how we think - both the positives and negative. Often we ask what can technology do for us, but rarely do we ask if it should.

This is a free event but we recommend registering as it will book out. Full program is now available on the Networked Society Institute website.

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