The Race to Precision Medicine

Free Public Lecture

The Race to Precision Medicine

Ground Floor Auditorium
Peter Doherty Institute


Grattan Street

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One of the important common goals in the field of health worldwide is to reduce the incidence and mortality of the major chronic non-infectious diseases, such as malignant cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes, to improve human health globally. However, conventional medical approaches in both the diagnosis and treatment for those diseases are thought to have reached a ceiling, and have now shown limitations in conquering these health problems.

In recent years, the concept and practice of precision medicine appears to offer hope for providing better medical approaches for health management, clinical diagnosis and treatment in improving quality of life. Development of precision medicine appears able to solve the tough clinical issues, including disease prevention, earlier diagnosis, improving efficacy of targeting drugs, eliminating drug resistance, and prediction of prognosis.

In this lecture, Professor Qimin Zhan will discuss how integrative efforts among biologists, clinicians and genomic scientists, as well as big-data engineers, would be an effective working model in conducting precision medicine for customised health care, including disease prevention, clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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