Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Colloquium: Roy Howat


Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Colloquium: Roy Howat

Heinze Room
Conservatorium of Music


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

The Philosophy of Critical Musical Editing

Roy Howat’s decades of experience in editing Handel, Debussy, Chabrier, Fauré and now Chopin have elicited an awareness of how the differing source ‘ecology’ for each composer affects how we best edit them, and how basic editing techniques and philosophies demand some flexibility to match the spirit, methods, techniques and artistic personality of each composer. Approaches that work for Debussy, for example, sometimes just won’t yield good results with Chopin, despite the many parallels between them. This lecture reflects on how our perception of the music itself shapes how we can most usefully edit it.

The Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Colloquium series perpetuates the legacy and cultural impact of Melburnian music patron and publisher Louise Hanson-Dyer (1884–1962), founder of Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre, by bringing cutting-edge issues in music research to a public forum for discussion and debate.

Presenters Roy Howat

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