Baroque Ensemble Concert: Beasts and Battles


Baroque Ensemble Concert: Beasts and Battles

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

The MCM Baroque Ensemble present a concert entitled: "Beasts and Battles" featuring some of the more colorful, bizarre and amusing works from the Baroque Period. Depictions of battles, War dances and the classic story of Don Quixote with faculty and students from the Conservatorium of Music.

Works by Telemann, Biber, Corette and Weichlein Featuring guest director and soloist Rachael Beasley, one of Australia's foremost baroque violin virtuosi.

Telemann La Bizarre 17" Weichlein Canon ûber das Post-Hörnl 5” (4 violins, continuo) Telemann Don Quixote 18" Biber Battalia 12” Biber Mensa Sonora, Pars III in A minor 9” (single strings) Corrette 'Les Sauvages' Concerto Comique no. 25 in G minor 10”

Presenters Rachel Beasley

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