ART150 Forums: Nick Selenitsch


ART150 Forums: Nick Selenitsch

Federation Hall

Grant Street

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

VCA alumnus Nick Selenitsch's art practice promotes the artistic and social importance of "not-knowing". Through a variety of media - installation, drawing, sculpture and public artworks - his works create an elemental language out of familiar forms where the impulse to achieve the goal of singular understanding is both continuously acknowledged and endlessly eschewed. Most recently, he has achieved this by incorporating the aesthetics and motifs of games, sports and civic markings to make artworks that flirt ambiguously with the rules and procedures of their source. Nick Selenitsch is a lecturer in Painting at the VCA.

The ART150 Forum Series features artists discussing their work and ideas, followed by a Q&A. It's part of ART150: Celebrating 150 years of Art.

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