In the Dark: Which Switch Controls Electricity Prices?

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In the Dark: Which Switch Controls Electricity Prices?

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207 Bouverie Street

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The nature, causes and responses to rising electricity prices is a vexed issue in Australian politics today. We are witnessing a series of reactive political-economic interventions that herald a major shift away from the dominant rationality over the last 20 years: 'let the market decide'.

Dr Chandrashekeran will take us through the history of electricity pricing and the marketisation process. She will start with the principles of uniform pricing established in the 1920s, then the cost-based approaches in the wake of the Keynesian crisis, and the technologically-enabled shift to competitive pricing for energy services.

Dr Chandrashekeran will show how electricity prices are the expression of contestation and negotiation between a balance of social forces. She will examine the different modalities of state power that shape electricity prices, and how the geographies of pricing shape value creation and patterns of accumulation in ways that are undertheorised by neo-Marxist geographers.

Dr Chandrashekeran will conclude with three simple tips on how to save money on your electricity bill!

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