Molecular Biology of Parasites and its Implications

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Molecular Biology of Parasites and its Implications

The Craig Auditorium
The Gateway Building (Next to University of Melbourne Sports Centre)


Trinity College, Tin Alley

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This lecture explores the expanding parasite genome universe from a parasitologist's perspective.

Parasites cause major disease in billions of humans and animals worldwide, but current control methods are often inadequate. Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Robin Gasser will discuss how modern molecular and computational methods are being used to understand the biology of parasites and the disease that they cause, with a perspective of developing new treatments and diagnostic tests.

Compounded by massive global food and water shortages, diseases caused by parasitic worms have a devastating, long-term impact on hundreds of millions of people and animals worldwide.

As no vaccines are available against most parasites, control often relies on the use of anti-parasitic drugs. However, the excessive and widespread use of such chemicals has led to serious drug resistance problems around the world, such that there is an ongoing need for the development of new interventions.

This lecture is part of the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences' Dean's Lecture Series.

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