Internationalisation Process, Strategies and Competitive Advantages for India

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Internationalisation Process, Strategies and Competitive Advantages for India

Is there a distinctive ‘India Way’ of doing business? This query finds resonance not only among corporate leaders but also in academic studies focusing on emerging market multinational enterprises (EMMNEs).

The speed and spread of EMMNEs has caught the world by surprise, and prompted a need to understand whether, why and how multinationals from emerging economies are different from the ones in developed countries.

Based on research and in depth interviews over 90 senior management personnel in the headquarters and subsidiaries of eight Indian multinationals, leading to an edited book Emerging Indian Multinationals – Strategic Players in a Multipolar World published by Oxford University Press (2016), this seminar presents the voices of Indian corporate leaders to provide evidence on the internationalisation process and the country and firm specific advantages of emerging multinationals. Specifically, it will identify innovation-focused differentiation, entrepreneurial ambition, compassionate capitalism and employee commitment as the core competitive advantages of Indian multinationals. In the process, the seminar will underscore the need for cross national transfer of emerging management models and practice to facilitate the ‘travel of ideas’ in multiple directions.

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