Scotch and Handsoap


Scotch and Handsoap

Studio 1
Performing Arts - Theatre


Dodds Street, South Melbourne

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

VCA Master of Writing for Performance Presentations

Written by: Kat Moritz

Directed by: Sarah Vickery

Cast: Andrea Mendez, Karrin Rose, Lucy Dunlop, Tom Richards, Cosmo Renfree, Lelda Kapsis

“Well, I go every night… to the supermarket… the crisper part of my fridge is broken so if I was to go once a week like you, I’d be eating wilted veggies… but mainly I like the connection.”


  • Thursday 19 October, 5.00pm
  • Saturday 21 October, 1.00pm

Kat Moritz comes to writing for theatre after 10 years of writing prose and freelancing. In 2016, her debut play (in)tent premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival to sold out audiences. This year, she was awarded a three month residency at the Abbotsford Convent which culminated in the production of her play Disgust. She holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English from La Trobe university. Her most recent play, Scotch and Handsoap, is an example of her obsession with carving out a theatrical space within which the everyday can be explored.

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