A Little Bit of Pain Never Hurt Anyone


A Little Bit of Pain Never Hurt Anyone

Studio 1
Performing Arts - Theatre


Dodds Street, South Melbourne

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

VCA Master of Writing for Performance Presentations

Written by: Brendan McDougall

Directed by: Emily Burke

Characters: Billy, Jess

"Two eight-year-olds meet in a sandpit and try to work out how to be mummies and daddies. A love story?"


  • Thursday 19 October, 6.30pm
  • Friday 20 October, 11.30am

Brendan is a pretty decent playwright, director and lighting designer from Melbourne. He is the co-artistic director of independent theatre company Periscope Productions, a group he joined to make shows for his mates, that now makes shows for other people's mates too. A Little Bit of Pain Never Hurt Anyone will be on at the Holden Street Theatre at the Adelaide Fringe in March 2018, and we might chuck it on in Melbourne in a backyard somewhere. Add Periscope Productions on Facebook for details. He prefers to write in the sun than the rain.

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