In Conversation: Back to the Future of Learning Technologies


In Conversation: Back to the Future of Learning Technologies

G06, Ground Floor
Elisabeth Murdoch


Spencer Road

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There seems to be almost constant talk of technology. It is difficult to read the popular press or look at the news of the happenings in higher education without being bombarded with conjecture about the role of technology in universities. But are we just seeing the persistent packaging of old wine in new bottles, or is there genuine “disruption” and “transformation” of teaching and learning happening in higher education?

In this interactive Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education event, Professor Gregor Kennedy will host a conversation with two leaders in learning technology innovation, Professor Grainne Conole and Associate Professor Matt Riddle. Both will draw on long histories in learning technology research and development to reflect on the current state of the field and where it might be headed. There will also be opportunities for the audience to pose questions of the experts assembled. Please join us for what will be a lively conversation.

The conversation will be followed by drinks and canapes at 4.30pm

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