School Belonging in Adolescents: Theory, Research and Practice


School Belonging in Adolescents: Theory, Research and Practice

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Melbourne Graduate School of Education


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Please join us to celebrate the start of Psychology Week 2017 and launch the book School Belonging in Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Practice by Dr Kelly-Ann Allen and Dr Peggy Kern.

This book explores the concept of school belonging in adolescents from a socioecological perspective, acknowledging that young people are uniquely connected to a broad network of groups and systems within a school system. Using a socio-ecological framework, it positions belonging as an essential aspect of psychological functioning for which schools offer unique opportunities to improve. It also offers insights into the factors that influence school belonging at the student level during adolescence in educational settings. Taking a socio-ecological perspective and drawing from innovative research methods, the book encourages researchers interested in school leadership to foster students’ sense of belonging by developing their qualities and by changing school systems and processes.

Includes drinks and nibbles from 5pm.

PresentersDr Peggy Kern

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