Joshua Erdelyi-Götz Concert for Voice


Joshua Erdelyi-Götz Concert for Voice

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

"I have always had a strong connection with German lieder, since my background is German" says Joshua, "as well as it being the first language I ever spoke. In general, the shifts in style from the English, to the German, and then to the Italian repertoire gives me a wide range of music to experience. The Italian repertoire in particular has helped to expand my range as well as my line and phrasing of passages. These pieces, allow me to explore ways of expressing the music and my connection to them in the unique way the music is phrased."

Erdelyi-Götz presents works including:

  • Fear no more the heat of the sun, Roger Quilter
  • Under the greenwood tree, Roger Quilter
  • It was a lover and his lass, Roger Quilter
  • Take, o take those lips away, Roger Quilter
  • Hey, ho, the wind and the rain, Roger Quilter
  • Mignon und der Harfner, Franz Schubert
  • Gesänge des Harfners, Franz Schubert
  • Selected works by Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and Gluck

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