Does Data Make a Difference?


Does Data Make a Difference?

Research Unit in Public Cultures (RUPC) Research Seminar Series – Graduate Academy Profile

In 2017 the Research Unit in Public Cultures has made efforts to rethink its relationship to both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. In this spirit we asked our RUPC Graduate Academy: ‘Does data make a difference?’

The RUPC would like to invite you to a workshop in which our PhD students and early career researchers present on the question of data in their research projects, thinking through, in particular, how data informs their research methods. They consider: What is my data? How does it inform my research? What are the challenges and limits of my data? And, more broadly, how can data-driven research fit with critical thinking and understanding of public culture?

Light refreshments provided with end of semester drinks to follow. RSVP to

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