The Silk Road Project


The Silk Road Project

Grant Street Theatre


Grant Street

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

The Silk Road is a work by composer David Shea involving traditional Chinese instruments, experimental electronic music, voice, percussion, and other ritual instruments. Based on stories and sections of the ancient Silk Road – the trading route between Xian, the capital of China, and the Roman Empire – this work creates a virtual journey across landscapes, time period and technologies ancient and modern.

Mindy Wong, Speak Percussion, David Shea and a group of Interactive Composition students from the Conservatorium feature in this performance, scored for GuZheng, Er- Hu, Sampler and Electronics, Percussion and Voice

Traditional Chinese music combines with rituals based on Buddhist and Taoist traditions in conversation with new 'western' contemporary elctro-acoustic music and new experimental and theatrical musical techniques. Described often as a 'soundtrack without a film', Shea's work combines modern techniques of sound collage and experimental new music with ancient technologies and Asian traditional concepts and music.

This event has been generously supported by the Lionel Gell Foundation.

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