The Umbrella Movement and Youth Activism in Hong Kong


The Umbrella Movement and Youth Activism in Hong Kong

Associate Professor Kin-Man Chan will discuss the generational differences among activists in Hong Kong’s 2014 Umbrella Movement, exploring how varying notions of democracy, civil disobedience and national identity generated enormous tensions within the movement.

He argues that these generational differences are rooted in part in broader social changes, as youngsters rely on new media to make sense of the world while the older generation still consumes traditional mass media. Hong Kong youth’s experience of living under a flexible production regime and a new form of capitalism that has destroyed trust, loyalty and clear career paths is also a major source of uneasiness that the older generation cannot fully comprehend.

He will conclude the talk by sharing some findings of a study on how young Umbrella Movement participants tackle pressure from their families, where intergenerational divisions often are felt most deeply.

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