• Dr Jenny Waycott

Jenny Waycott is a Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Computing and Information Systems in the Melbourne School of Engineering. Her research investigates how technology can be designed and used to enrich older people’s lives, including through creative pursuits. She has worked on two recent ARC projects that used technology to facilitate social connectedness through creative activities. The ‘Growing Old, Staying Connected’ project trialled a photo-sharing application to help alleviate older people’s experience of social isolation. More recently, she contributed to the ‘Ageing and Avatars’ project, in which older adults co-designed a virtual reality environment and created playful self-representations for use in a reminiscence-based social VR setting. Her Future Fellowship is critiquing how new technologies are used for social enrichment in aged care, which includes digital storytelling, art making and music activities that are supported by technology and aim to foster social engagement.