• Professor Katrina McFerran

Professor Katrina McFerran from the University of Melbourne will lead the symposium and is a music therapist and researcher with 25 years’ experience in supporting young people in diverse contexts. Her research focus has been on how music can create mutually empowering conditions for youth to flourish through fostering self-awareness and addressing systemic barriers. She has worked with students and patients in schools, hospitals, mental health and community programs and most recently, in the university, where she is currently Associate Dean for Student Life. She is author of the book “Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy” (JKP, 2010) and has recently edited the Oxford Handbook of Adolescents, Music and Wellbeing with Drs Suvi Saarikallio and Phillipa Derrington, including chapters from many of the symposium presenters. Books will be available at the symposium.