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    Associate Professor Radhika Gorur

Radhika Gorur is an Associate Professor at Deakin University, and a Director of the Laboratory of International Assessment Studies. Her research interests include education policy, regulation and reform; global networks, aid and development; data infrastructures and data cultures; classroom research; and the sociology of knowledge. She has sought to explore how policy ideas and practices are mobilised and how they stabilise and gain momentum. With an interest in digitization and datafication, she has been contributing to the sociology of numbers. She uses concepts from Science and Technology Studies to explore the processes of quantification and comparison, PISA, the history of indicators in education, and national and global education reforms. Currently, with a grant from the Australian Research Council, she is researching the role of global policy networks and the new accountability practices in the global south, with an empirical focus on Cambodia and India, to develop principles for sustainable, participatory accountability practices.