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    Mr Antony Ugoni

Antony is one of Australia’s leaders in analytics and in 2013 accepted an opportunity at SEEK to develop the analytics capability.

Antony began his career as a Biostatistician to the Alfred Group of Hospitals jointly with Monash Medical School. He then moved to a lecturing role in Biostatistics at the University of Melbourne. Antony has co-authored more than 50 peer reviewed articles in medical research and still actively contributes to this industry today.

From 2000 to 2013 Antony worked at National Australia Bank leading many ground breaking teams and projects. Antony started as the lead for its Credit Card Fraud Analytics Group which used data driven insights to reduce fraud losses by more than 50% in a market that was experiencing fraud losses growing at 30% per annum. Antony was then offered the opportunity to lead the Customer Analytics team which, in his tenure, identified more than $100b worth of revenue opportunities.

Since 2013 Antony has worked at the Seek Group and founded the team that today is known as AI Platform Services. The AI Platform Services team are responsible for utilising the data captured by Seek assets to build services that help great candidates find jobs and stand out from the crowd, and hirers to identify great candidates in a timely fashion. Today the team numbers more than 100 Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Strategists, delivering services in 19 markets across the world, reaching 2.9 Billion candidates.

Antony holds a BSc(Hons) and an MSc from La Trobe University, is the Chairman of IAPA (The Institute of Analytics Professionals, Australia), is a Board Member of AADL (The Australian Alliance for Data Leadership), is a Board Member of ADMA (The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising), is an Advisory Board member of the analytics start-up Pascal51, and is an Advisory Board member for the Centre of Business Analytics, Melbourne Business School.