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    Dr Brent Davis

Dr Brent Davis received his BA in Linguistics from Stanford University, and his PhD in Archaeology from the University of Melbourne, where he is now a Lecturer in Archaeology and Ancient Egyptian in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies. His dissertation on Linear A, the undeciphered script of the Bronze Age Minoan civilisation on Crete, was published in 2014 (Minoan Stone Vessels with Linear A Inscriptions [Aegaeum 36], Peeters Press); this work has already had a demonstrable impact on the field of Linear A studies. With a background in both archaeology and linguistics, his interests include not only the cultures of the ancient eastern Mediterranean, but their languages and scripts as well. He has published numerous articles and chapters on ancient cultures and scripts, archaeology, and archaeological theory, and he has undertaken archaeological fieldwork in Israel and Greece, including more than a decade of excavation at Tell-es Safi/Gath (Israel), the site of a major Philistine city. Dr Davis was recently named the 2019 recipient of the University of London’s prestigious Michael Ventris Award for Mycenaean Studies for his work on a new linguistics-based method of analysing undeciphered Aegean scripts.