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    Judge Eugene M. Hyman

Judge Eugene M Hyman retired from the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara in 2011, where for 20 years he presided over cases in the criminal, civil, probate, family, and delinquency divisions of the court. As an internationally recognized expert on domestic violence and juvenile domestic violence, he has lectured in Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. He has presided over what is believed to be the first juvenile domestic violence and family violence court in the United States, which received a United Nations public service award in 2008.

Prior to being admitted to the bar, Judge Hyman was a police officer for the City of Santa Clara Police Department (California) and later joined the Municipal and Superior Court benches. He brings breadth and depth to bear on current legal issues in general and topics including gender issues, strangulation, drug courts, and stalking. Judge Hyman has an abiding interest in education and outreach. He continues to lecture at the Santa Clara University School of Law in addition to providing legal commentary. Judge Hyman was a witness before the Royal Commission into Family Violence on the topic of restraining orders.