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    Dr Elizabeth Williams

Dr Liz Williams is CEO of Hemideina, founded in 2017 to disrupt the hearing treatment market with a miniature cochlear implant - the Hera Wireless Implant. The Company's core mechanical signal processing technology, invented by Dr. Kate Lomas, is bio-inspired from the iconic New Zealand Tree Weta. The Hemideina journey began with winning Med Tech's Got Talent, and the team has since raised $1.5m in equity capital, and received an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Australian Federal Government. As CEO, Liz leads the commercial strategy and operations of Hemideina, identifying strategic partnerships and market entry opportunities.

Liz holds a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University, and moved to Australia in 2012 to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in advanced materials. Initially working as a Research Scientist at CSIRO, Liz has contributed to the commercialisation and translation of CSIRO research in the biomedical industry. She has demonstrated leadership, driving CSIRO’s research internationally, with a business development secondment in the US supporting the commercialisation of products using CSIRO’s RAFT technology.